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Photo strips
Basic photo strip design
Our basic package lets you choose the layout, color, and saying on your photo strip.
Do you want two 2X6 inch vertical strips? Or Two large 4X6 inch Postcards per session?
Please write down your color preference. You can also enter a hex code if you have one.
What do you want your photo strips to say
What Color do you want your saying to be?
If known. If not we will use our best judgment
Alternative photo strip design options
You can design your own unique photo strips using our easy to use photo strip software. Its easy and free!!! Or you can have us make custom strips just for your event for just $24.99
Would you like a traditional backdrop or green screen back drop(s)? Note: Green screen pictures can cast shadows and distortions especially if guests are wearing green or reflective clothing and accessories.
Which backdrop do you want in your pictures? If you Chose green screen you can choose up to four backdrops. Please, separate, them, with, commas ;)
The booth
Our booth features colored led lighting.
Online gallery
Adding a password to your online gallery makes it private and gives you control over who can access your online event gallery. Do you want to password protect your gallery?
If you said yes please enter a password
I want to...
Gallery security settings
Check all that apply "I want my gallery visitors to be able to..."
*** Indicates that sevice may already be included in another service.
An extra copy of your event stored on a CD ROM. can be used as a backup or can given to friends and family.
An extra copy of your event stored on a flash drive. can be used as a backup or can be given to friends and family.